fireflyfailure (fireflyfailure) wrote in rum_savvy,

22 Firefly icons...

Tags: firefly/serenity, icons
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My icon collection is seriously lacking in Firefly icons. These are brilliant! I'm snagging #19 and I'll credit and all that. Much love!
thanks! i;m glad you like them; i love yours XD
Ah! Love them, snagged #5 and #6. Will credit!
Whoops, lied. #4 and #6.

TRAP! (probably my favorite bit in the whole movie.)


11 years ago

I'm so ganking 19! And probably a few others. I envy your leet icon making skillz!
aww,'s really just messing around in photoshop, that;s all...but i'm glad you like them : ) enjoy!
Hahahahahaha the "In UR..." ones made me laugh! Took #20 and #16 and continued on my quest for an icon of Jayne with Vera. *sigh* *hint hint*
::see next post, coming soon::
: )
Snagged #12. You definitely get bonus points for the Sylvia Plath quote.
you noticed! gold star for you : )

Deleted comment

thanks very much ^_^ glad you like em!
Sooo took #16!
Thank you!
enjoy : )

Deleted comment

eeeeeeee, i'm so glad you like them so much! thank you!!

Deleted comment

I'm taking number two, because honestly that's the best oh my god I had a drunken night of debachury icon I've seen. And its Mal. You make amazing icons! Thank you!
awww, thank you so much!
[i love your user name!!!!]
Snagging 16. :)
Took 16 and 19. I love Wash. :) Thank you.
oh man, so do i! you're very welcome, and thank you : )
snagged 19 :D
heh. enjoy : )
These are awesome, borrowed 3 and 4, will credit


Re: :D


11 years ago

Taking all the "I'm in your __ doing __" ones XD Thanks a ton!
you're very welcome! those i had the most fun making XD
I adore 19.
aw, thanks ^.^
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