fireflyfailure (fireflyfailure) wrote in rum_savvy,

22 Firefly icons...

Tags: firefly/serenity, icons
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Took 16 and 19. I love Wash. :) Thank you.
oh man, so do i! you're very welcome, and thank you : )
snagged 19 :D
heh. enjoy : )
These are awesome, borrowed 3 and 4, will credit


Re: :D


10 years ago

Taking all the "I'm in your __ doing __" ones XD Thanks a ton!
you're very welcome! those i had the most fun making XD
I adore 19.
aw, thanks ^.^
Although I don't intend to take any, since I have no room at the moment, but I quite enjoy them!
well, thanks for taking the time to comment, i appreciate it very much : )
2, 8 & 16 are my faves!
: )
i love that scene with jayne. 'zoe, i think i'm payin' you too much.' :P
Wow, loved all of them! Though Im only taking 1,5,6 and 9, I'll probably be back for more! Thanks!
aww, glad you like them : )
18 is hilarious! Kaylee's so cute.
isn't she? thanks and enjoy : )
took #16 and #19
enjoy : )
Awesome! Yoinked #16, will credit
great! enjoy : )
wow, these are just awesome. You can really tell you put a lot of effort and imagination into them. They are all so funny, I would end up listing them all if I were to tell you my favorites, suffice to say, they completely rock!
aw, thank you very much! i'm kind of a perfectionist, i but thank;s very much for such nice words!
fantastic! i've taken 2 & 4. completely awesome.
great! enjoy : )
Taking 5.

Thanks to a friend of mine 'Bitch, please' has become a staple in my vocab. Now Simon can say it for my everytime I make a post <3
ha! that's perfect then XD glad to be of service : )
These are great! I took most of the animated, will credit thanks.
thank you! glad you like them : )
Ooooh, love these! Took no 7 with credit. Thankee.
thank you: ) enjoy.
I've been looking for some new userpics for hours and I finally found some! Yay!

Taking #2, #4, & #6! Will credit.
aw, i;m glad you like them! enjoy ^.^
OMG! So much love!
the same, towards your icon XD


10 years ago

Deleted comment

thanks very much! [i really like 7, to be honest ^.^] enjoy!
Snagged 18 and 19. Bloody glorious :) Will credit :)
wow, thank you! enjoy : )
Some seriously gorgeous AND funny icons! Taking a bunch and will credit when used :)
shiny! glad you like them : ) enjoy.
Took #9, #18, and #20. Very good work. Will credit. :-)
thank you: ) enjoy!
Just thought I'd say how great these looked tho unfortunately I have no room to use any...
I'm very curious as to how you create "gif" images/animation, i have no idea of howw to do it?!
thanks very much : )
it took me forever to figure out--basically you take your icon from photoshop to another program, imageready. there are a bunch of good tutorials online : )
Took 11, Jayne's just too irresistible!

thanks for sharing your awesome icons. :)
i completley agree :P
and thank you very much, im glad you like them!
Nabbing it (:
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