fireflyfailure (fireflyfailure) wrote in rum_savvy,

22 Firefly icons...

Tags: firefly/serenity, icons
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My icon collection is seriously lacking in Firefly icons. These are brilliant! I'm snagging #19 and I'll credit and all that. Much love!
thanks! i;m glad you like them; i love yours XD
Ah! Love them, snagged #5 and #6. Will credit!
Whoops, lied. #4 and #6.

TRAP! (probably my favorite bit in the whole movie.)


11 years ago

I'm so ganking 19! And probably a few others. I envy your leet icon making skillz!
aww,'s really just messing around in photoshop, that;s all...but i'm glad you like them : ) enjoy!
Hahahahahaha the "In UR..." ones made me laugh! Took #20 and #16 and continued on my quest for an icon of Jayne with Vera. *sigh* *hint hint*
::see next post, coming soon::
: )
Snagged #12. You definitely get bonus points for the Sylvia Plath quote.
you noticed! gold star for you : )

Deleted comment

thanks very much ^_^ glad you like em!
Sooo took #16!
Thank you!
enjoy : )
I love these icons! And because I have so many unused icon spaces, I'm totally yoinking 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, and 22. Also, I'm spreading the love by telling people how much these icons rock!
eeeeeeee, i'm so glad you like them so much! thank you!!


11 years ago

I'm taking number two, because honestly that's the best oh my god I had a drunken night of debachury icon I've seen. And its Mal. You make amazing icons! Thank you!
awww, thank you so much!
[i love your user name!!!!]
Snagging 16. :)
Took 16 and 19. I love Wash. :) Thank you.
oh man, so do i! you're very welcome, and thank you : )
snagged 19 :D
heh. enjoy : )
These are awesome, borrowed 3 and 4, will credit


Re: :D


11 years ago

Taking all the "I'm in your __ doing __" ones XD Thanks a ton!
you're very welcome! those i had the most fun making XD
I adore 19.
aw, thanks ^.^
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